WBD Bearings

WBD Bearings, a Leader in its Class

WAI’s WBD bearings offer customers unmatched consistency, quality, performance and price. WBD bearings are ABEC and EMQ compliant and are manufactured to adhere to the highest quality standards in three key areas: seals, grease and mechanical components. This helps to ensure the longevity of WBD bearings and the functionality of the alternators and starters in which they are used.  Furthermore, all WBD bearings are endurance tested to outperform low-cost bearings, and must meet or exceed the performance of competing, higher priced bearings.

WBD bearing’s reputation for quality and its unwavering commitment to producing a superior product have earned it the respect of the industry and the trust of its customers.

Consider the following benefits of WBD bearings:

  • The seals of WBD bearings are manufactured with the highest quality three-point triple-lip full contact hybrid polyacrylic seals. This ensures extreme temperature protection and eliminates grease contamination and leakage.
  • All WBD bearings use Kyodo Yushi ET-K high performance grease which offers extreme temperature protection in any automotive environment (-40°C to 200° C). Through its load-dissipating viscosity, Kyodo Yushi ET-K high performance grease also ensures extended service life and protects against thermal and mechanical shock.
  • WBD bearings’ mechanical components are precision CNC-machined races and balls which ensure low noise and minimum friction and heat build-up. Other benefits include:
    • Tight tolerances for bore-taper, out-of-round and bearing OD for precise fit and compatibility
    • Finely honed surface finish for long life and low noise
    • Balls are equal to or better than Grade 16 for roundness
    • Automatically riveted cage precisely and reliably locates and secures balls within the races to prevent premature failure

WBD bearings are available for purchase exclusively through WAI and its authorized distributors.