WAI 1001

Introducing the new WAI1001 with 24V Capabilities


  • Technician friendly and easy to use
  • Testing of the alternator on the bench or directly on the car
  • Protocols tested:
  • COM (LIN and BSS / BSD), LIN24 (LIN 24V / GRC LIN 28V) C, RLO, PD, L-RVC, SIG, DFM
  • Reads COM Protocol version, Manufacturer, Errors and more
  • COM protocol mode automatically identifies current communication (LIN or BSS) of alternators being tested with a COM regulator
  • Control of Voltage set point for COM and most Multifunction regulators
  • Yearly Software upgrades and Calibration


  • Powered by 12V battery
  • Testing Box for COM and Multi-function Regulators