Employing the Most Advanced Parts Manufacturing Principles to Produce the Highest Quality Product WAI’s state-of-the art production facility and streamlined parts manufacturing practices help it consistently meet the quality standards and supply demands of the global aftermarket.

Located in Shanghai, China, WAI’s 100,000-square-foot manufacturing plant possesses the most advanced equipment and precision technology available. This technology includes optical guided pick-and-place robotics and computerized laser trimming. WAI combines this technology with proven manufacturing principles including lean manufacturing, 5S discipline and statistical process control (SPC) to provide its customers with high-quality products at a reasonable price. A Skilled and Experienced Production Team WAI’s production team is committed to consistently being the first-to-market with the latest model products. This commitment, paired with the skill and expertise of the team, results in the introduction of more than 200 new products to the aftermarket each year.

WAI’s production team is comprised of highly skilled professionals in the following disciplines:

» Electronics manufacturing

» Research and development

» Engineering

» Quality control

» Product validation

» Sourcing

» Purchasing