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Bill Ernst named as Honorary Member of the Electrical Rebuilder’s Association

Bill Ernst was named an Honorary Member of the Electrical Rebuilder’s Association at the association’s annual meeting in Springfield. Between March 2011 and September 2018, he served first as a member of the Board of Advisors and for the last four years on the Board of Directors as a Regional Vice-President.

During the time he was an active participant and willing contributor at all meetings. Prior to his direct involvement, as a representative of his employer, WAIglobal, he often went out of this way to promote membership and enhance benefits to members.

“Bill was not a wallflower in any sense,“ ERA President Ken Plourde explained. “He volunteered to serve on every show committee for the years that we were fortunate to have him. He went far beyond anyone’s expectations, being heavily involved in the planning,promotion and execution of our trade shows.

“The locations of Davenport in 2015 and Memphis in 2017 were both his idea and he worked hard to make every show a success. He arranged the plant tour at the WAI warehouse for the Memphis show. The Remy heavy duty seminar in Montgomery was also his idea initially. Bill Ernst was more active and involved than any other supplier representative that I can remember. He was constantly looking for ways to help us grow our organization.”

Honorary Membership is conferred by a majority vote of the ERA Board of Directors. It is limited to individuals who have rendered conspicuous and extraordinary services to the association and to the rotating electrical rebuilding industry. Honorary members are entitled to all association benefits and are exempt from the annual dues.

“It has been a privilege for me to work with the ERA over the past 10 years, not only at annual shows but also the various committees on which I served,” Ernst stated upon being notified. “I always looked forward to the shows and getting to see old friends that I have established relationships with through the ERA. Although the marketplace has changed drastically over the last decade, the commitment of WAI/Lester to the rebuilding industry has remained strong and will continue to support our industry. I was honored to be the representative of WAI and an active ERA Board member. I very much appreciate this award and know that the relationships I have within our industry will last a lifetime. Thank You