WAI global has built Alternators from the inside out for over 40 years. We know each component, each bearing, bolt, rectifier or stator. Our history is deep in hands-on build-from-the-ground-up mentality that rebuilders have today.

Innovation and excellence is the core of our design and engineering mindset. We have a strong innovation and entrepreneurial spirit which contains Transpo electronics DNA and OE partnerships that have been welded into our product development ideals. This ensures that we only produce the best Alternators for the aftermarket.

Our purpose is to supply products that pass our Gold standard of excellence. Each part or component is developed by our innovative parts design teams to exceed customer expectations in Quality, Performance and Durability – so we hold them to our Gold standard – there is no higher standard. Our teams of experts come from the four corners of the globe, because our customers are from all corners of the globe.

No matter the requirements, our alternators were built for this.

Our parts have been designed to work in the most insane and harsh environments on earth today. We build Alternators for large industrial equipment that is often in isolated locations. They depend on faultless performance. So we know how to operate in high humidity, high heat,  extreme sub-zero temperature locations.

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