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WAI is pleased to introduce the new WAI1001 24v capable tester. The simple intelligent interface has been designed to enable fast and accurate diagnosis for all standard manufacturing protocols. The small compact tester can be used on a bench, or taken to the car and used directly on the part to reduce time with the tools.


  • Automatically detects protocol version and baud rate
  • DFM monitor
  • Provides feedback on unsupported regulators
  • Indication of enhanced checksum support of regulator
  • Information about class and vendor of regulator
  • Fluent voltage regulator
  • Option to test on car
  • Option to detect surge between com line and B+
  • Does not require voltage meter to show read voltage
  • Support for larger amount of LIN regulators


  • LIN and BSS
  • SIG: Ford, Mazda
  • Land Rover plus FR: current usage of alternator
  • PD: Maxda old type
  • RLO: Denso types for Toyotat plus FR
  • L-RVC: General Motors plus FR
  • C: Denso and Mitsubishi plus FR


  • NEW LIN24 Volt testing capability

  • Reads COM Protocol version, Manufacturer, Errors and more

  • Protocols tested: COM (LIN and BSS/BSD), C, RLO, PD, L-RVC, SIG, DFM

  • Simple plug and play interface

  • Run on the bench, or in the vehicle


  • USB Rear plug included
  • Firmware upgrades can be done instantly
  • Automatically calibrates with new firmware

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13 Items

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