EV Charge Cables - Recharging is no stretch

  • WAI carries a comprehensive line of EV charge cables and portable re-charge stations to keep you up and running.
  • Our high quality cables connect with all charge plug types and carry maximum power to get your car charged quickly.
  • With convenient 5 meter and 10 meter lengths available, you can reach any charger effortlessly.
  • Convenient  carry bag means you can have them with your vehicle at all times and reach chargers in limited accessibility situations.



PPS-400 Wilderness ready

Head out to the wilderness and keep critical items powered up.

  • AC power will power 120v items with ease.
  • 2022 Great outdoors tests had Starlink RV wireless system running for 10 hours continuously. Product testers also charged an Apple Macintosh laptop for a hour during the test.
  • DC power will charge Phones, tablets, watches and other USB cabled items for  20 - 24 hours. 
  • Easily control power outputs with AC and DC buttons and keep an eye on capacity with the battery capacity monitor screen.
  • LED light is awesome for night camp site setup. 

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