WAI has added 36 new alternators and starters, covering Bosch, Valeo, Mitsubishi, Denso and Mitsubas. The new part numbers extend coverage by 5 million vehicles in operation in the United States and makes WAI one of the largest suppliers of 100% new automotive coverage in North America. WAI offers over 2,000 new starters and alternators covering over 97% of VIO. For a complete listing of these new products, please contact your WAI sales representative toll-free at 1.800.877.3340 or visit www.WAIglobal.com.

WAI’s 100% new Starters & Alternators are tested to OEM specifications. Alternators are thoroughly tested for output current at idle and full-load RPMs. Starters provide RPM, torque, voltage and solenoid performance. Validation testing includes endurance, humidity, power thermal cycling, vibration, salt spray, and thermal shock.

Carlos Rodriguez, Global Product Manager, said: “WAI continues to meet the market demand for new products by introducing additional late model products to expand the market coverage for 100% New (no core exchange) on Automotive, Heavy Duty, Agricultural, Industrial, Power Sports, Window Regulators and Engine Management product lines. Our ultimate goal is to offer a full line of products that are competitively priced to provide savings to you and your customers while delivering top quality.”